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Tutorial Classy & Fabulous


A tube of your choice. I used the tube FTU by ©Maribel, that you can get if you're a member of groups that have permission from the artist to use her art. Example of a group that I belong and that is allowed: DragonsLairTubes HERE
Scrap kit PTU Classy & Fabulous by Candy Treats, that you can purchase HERE
Masks 210 InsatiableDreams
, that you can get HERE 
A font of your choice. I used a font called
Program PSP X or higher (you can use older versions too)

Animation Shop 3 

Let's Go!!!!

1 - Open a transparent image 600 X 500 and paint it white
2 - Open-TOCpaper8 CandysTreats paper. Apply the mask 210InsatiableDreams.
Merge Group. Duplicate the mask. 3 - Open-frame CandysTreats Cluster7, copy and paste as new layer. Resize 90%. Go to Selections / Modify / Expand and place 6.
4 - Add a new layer below the frame. Choose a color that matches the frame or tube and paint this layer. Go to Selections / Select None
5 - Open your tube, copy and paste as new layer. Resize as desired and arrange on the frame. Copy and paste the tube again and let in only the frame profile.
Go to Image / Mirror. Delete scraps that were left outside the frame. In duplicate layer of the tube profile, go to adjust / blur / Gaussian blur and set 3. In the same layer change the blend mode to soft light and leave the opacity at 71. In the original layer change the blend mode to screen and apply the plugin Xero / Radiance. Choose the option you prefer by clicking the Random. Then click Ok
6 - Open-TOC-element CandysTreats OVERLAY, copy and paste as new layer above the tube close-up. Straighten the frame, turn off the scraps that were left off the frame and the opacity to 50%
7 - Open-toc-element CandysTreats FlowerCluster, resize to 500 pixels. Copy and paste as new layer below the paper.
Place the bottom of the frame  

8 - Open-TOCFlower2 CandysTreats element, resize to 100 pixels, with All Layers and Lock Aspect Ratio marked. Copy and paste as new layer and position in the lower right corner of the frame. Duplicate and Mirror  
9 - Open-element CandysTreats TOCFlower7, resized to 100 pixels and Lock All Layers Aspect Ratio marked. Copy and paste as new layer below the element Previous year and place it in the bottom right corner of the tag. Duplicate and Mirror
10 - Open-toc element CandysTreats staple2, resize to 100 pixels, with All Layers and Lock Aspect Ratio marked. Copy and paste as new layer. Position supeior left corner of the frame
11 Apply Drop shadow on all elements in the tube and settings: 4 / 3 / 50 / 6.00
12 - Sign and the credits and go to Layers / Merge All in JPG.
If you prefer to do the animation, just take the layers without the tube close up for the Animation. Then go back to PSP and open the visibility of two layers that were previously closed. Copy Merged and Paste After Current Frame AS. Click the first frame and go to Insert Image Transiction and choose Fade. In the last frame to change the Frame Properties 100. Here's how the animation and save as Gif.

:::I hope you've liked it:::
Until the next tutorial!

Art e Formatting by Maryclover
Tutorial by Maryclover

Scrap kit: Classy & Fabulous by Candy Treats

  Created by Maryclover in 11th November 2010

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